How to Store Spray Paint Cans in the Workplace

Aerosol spray paint cans make life easier. They speed up painting jobs, offer a smooth finish without brush or roller marks and enable painting in hard-to-reach places. But, aerosol cans are also hazardous. Both the product and the propellant are usually flammable.

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Every Laboratory Needs Carboy Containers – Find Out Why

Laboratories store and handle different chemicals in their daily operation. Some are flammable and some are corrosive, while others are completely inert. One key to laboratory safety is keeping using chemical containers that minimize the risk of spills, fires and toxic vapors. Carboy containers provide these functions.

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Danger in a Can: Why Gas Can Safety is Vital to Lawn Care Companies

Everyone appreciates manicured lawns, beautiful gardens and the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer. Not everyone has the time to devote to yard maintenance. Landscaping and lawn care companies provide this valuable service. They use fuel-powered equipment like lawnmowers, chain saws and blowers daily. But working with gasoline comes with risks of fire and explosion.

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Safety Fuel Containers: 5 Things You Should Never Do When Pouring Gasoline

We use safety gas cans at home, in the workplace and on job sites. Not all fuel containers are created equal. Industrial safety cans have features like flame arresters and pressure relief valves. Their design helps prevent incidents. Yet, simply using a safety gas can won’t guarantee your safety. Applying best safety practices are also key.

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D.O.T. Approved Fuel Cans

Transporting gasoline and other fuels for commercial purposes may seem like a simple task, but strict regulations apply when transporting flammable liquids. In 2016, gasoline delivery startup companies found themselves dealing with this very issue. Several of these companies came into conflict with local fire code authorities.

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Chemical Safety in the Workplace

Safety cans are used to safely store and transfer chemicals. But did you know putting an incompatible chemical into a safety container will affect the integrity of the can? Eventually it could rupture causing an incident and potential injuries.

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