Are Aerosol Cans Recyclable?

Throwing aerosol cans in the trash can cause dangerous aerosol can explosions. But spent cans need to be disposed of somehow. Are aerosol cans recyclable in your municipal recycling program? Find out why adding an Aerosolv aerosol recycling system to your program makes sense.

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Aerosol Can Disposal in Auto Service Shops

The American automotive market is growing. Suppliers provide many vehicle maintenance products in aerosol cans. But, used cans are hazardous waste. For some auto service shops, aerosol can disposal costs are an unwelcome threat to their bottom lines.

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Every Laboratory Needs Carboy Containers – Find Out Why

Laboratories store and handle different chemicals in their daily operation. Some are flammable and some are corrosive, while others are completely inert. One key to laboratory safety is keeping using chemical containers that minimize the risk of spills, fires and toxic vapors. Carboy containers provide these functions.

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Aerosol Can Disposal Systems - Recycling Made Easy

Ever ask yourself, can I throw aerosol cans in the trash? The answer is complicated. It’s not the can, but the contents of the can that may cause issues. Many cans used in the workplace contain hazardous materials. Either the product or the propellant used to spray the product is harmful to the environment. Aerosol disposal must be handled carefully.

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