Six Tips for Managing Flammable Liquids in Drums

Everyone that stores, dispenses and uses flammable liquids is sensitive to the risk of fire and injury. Workplace safety measures help lower the risks and ensure employee wellbeing. When managing flammable liquids, always do the following...

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Proper Chemical Storage in Flammable Safety Cabinets

In August 2018, teachers and staff at a middle school in Norfolk, MA, were preparing for the start of the school year as the annual fire inspection took place. In a science classroom, the town building and fire department officials noticed a strange chemical odor coming from a chemical storage cabinet. The garlicy smell was due to a reaction that had occurred in a container of calcium carbide.

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Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Best Practices

In today’s world, we expect much from our smart phones. A key feature for most buyers is long battery lives and quick charging times. But, this stretches lithium ion technology to its limits. Not even global tech companies are immune, as seen in 2016 with the Galaxy Note 7.

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