Does Proper Chemical Storage Include Different Colored Flammable Safety Cabinets?


Firefighters place their lives at risk to save people and property. They train to face many kinds of hazards in various fire scenarios. Besides the fire itself, the smoke is also dangerous. It decreases visibility as first responders make their way through a building to reach injured people and fight the fire.

Fighting a fire is even more dangerous when there are unknown chemicals present. Combining this uncertainty with a smoke-filled building creates a recipe for disaster.

Color-coded chemical storage cabinets provide first responders insight on its contents. General knowledge of what types of flammable chemicals are in storage can save lives.

In addition, different colored chemical storage cabinets provide quick identification and visibility to workers. This makes it easy to organize chemicals or fuels and segregate incompatible liquids.

What Color Chemical Storage Cabinet Should You Use?

OSHA and NFPA issue guidelines pertaining to flammable safety cabinets. Neither of these bodies specify a specific color coding scheme. From a regulatory perspective, users can store any type of flammable chemical in any color cabinet.

Yet, most companies adhere to industry best practices and observe certain colors for defined liquids. Proper chemical storage includes using the following colors:

  • Yellow: Flammable chemicals and liquids
  • Red: Paints, inks and other combustible liquids
  • Blue: Corrosive and hazardous liquids and solids
  • Green: Pesticides and insecticides
  • Silver / Neutral: Laboratory cabinets
  • White / Beige / Gray: Waste or outdoor lockers

What Else Helps Identify Contents of a Chemical Storage Cabinet?

Justrite flammable safety cabinets are also supplied with highly reflective Haz-Alert® warning labels. For example, labels on our yellow storage cabinets are the required 2-inches in height and state in English, French and Spanish, “Flammable - Keep Fire Away.”

These are especially visible when lit up with a flashlight. Safety labels are attached near the top and bottom of the cabinet. In rising smoke conditions, firefighters will still see the lower labels.

Order Your Justrite Chemical Storage Cabinet Today

Proper chemical storage includes flammable safety cabinets that conform to industry best practices for color coding. Justrite offers multiple models in each color, so you are sure to find the exact cabinet to meet your needs. Order your color-coded safety cabinet today to ensure the safety of employees and first responders in case of a fire.