Protect Flammable Chemicals with Self-Closing Safety Cabinets

Understanding safety cabinet requirements for self-close doors

Many companies use flammable liquid chemicals as part of their normal operations. Proper storage of these hazardous chemicals ensures a safe environment. Justrite approved safety cabinets allow companies to store limited volumes of flammable liquids within their workspace. The cabinet construction protects its contents from fire, allowing people time to evacuate the building, and firefighters time to extinguish the fire before it reaches the chemicals.

But no matter how well the cabinet is designed, if the doors are left propped open, the safety benefits cease to exist. For fundamental good safety practices, safety cabinet doors should be closed when the cabinet is unattended. In reality, people often leave cabinets open, doors ajar with the flammables exposed. Here Justrite safety cabinets with self-closing doors provide advantages.

When used properly as designed, safety cabinet with self-closing doors shut automatically in case of a fire. The self-closing doors, under tension, are held open by using fusible links. Under fire conditions, when the ambient temperature reaches 165 F (74 C), the links melt and the safety cabinet’s self-closing doors automatically swing shut. The self-latching system engages with three stainless steel bullet-slams located at the top, bottom, and center locations of the door. With the doors fully closed and secured, the safety cabinets protect as designed.

The self-closing doors on the safety cabinets are held open by the fusible link as shown. During a fire, the fusible link melts away and the three-point stainless steel bullet latching system creates secure protection.

Safety Cabinet Requirements and Construction

OSHA federal law and NFPA standards govern the construction and safety features of safety cabinets. Designed to keep the inside temperature comparatively low, Justrite safety cabinets feature 18-gauge (1-mm) double-walled welded steel construction that provides 1-1/2 inch of insulating air space. This protects flammable chemicals inside the cabinet, from a fire outside.

All Justrite flammable safety cabinets comply with OSHA and NFPA requirements, and most are independently fire tested and approved by FM Global or other third-party certification agencies for safety performance and compliance to code.

Cabinets with Self-Close Doors - Requirements by Law

Many states follow the International Fire Code (IFC) as a standard, and thus mandate that flammable liquid safety cabinets be well fitted and have self-closing doors. Additionally, some counties and local municipalities in other states adopt IFC standards. Always check the requirements of local authorities having jurisdiction before purchasing a safety cabinet, as local codes may prevail. (Helpful tip: view the International Code Council Code Adoption Map, page 4, for an up-to-date overview of which states IFC is administered at the state and/or local level.)

Keep in mind that regulators change local standards over time. Since safety cabinets are long-term investments, consider buying a cabinet with self-closing doors now, to ensure compliance with future cabinet requirements and standards.

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Justrite manufactures a wide selection of self-closing safety cabinets, backing their performance with a ten-year limited warranty. With over 300 models ranging in capacities from 4- to 115-gallons (15- to 435 liters), you can rest assured of getting the highest quality and protection from the best safety cabinet for your specific needs. View all our safety cabinets.