4 Ways Under Fume Hood Chemical Safety Cabinets Keep Laboratory Workers Safe

Chemical fume hoods are essential safety equipment for laboratories. They protect laboratory workers from exposure to harmful chemical vapors. Fume hoods also provide safe environments for experiments using flammable or volatile chemicals.

Sometimes fume hoods sit on top of a chemical safety cabinet to make an integrated work environment. This reduces movement around the laboratory to source reagents.

How Do Under Fume Hood Safety Cabinets Keep Labs Safe?

  1. 1. Under fume hood chemical safety cabinets increase security

    Take advantage of the security features on under fume hood laboratory cabinets. Their self-latching feature ensures that the cabinet seals in the case of a fire. But you can also use the cylinder lock and key set or a padlock to limit access to the chemicals to authorized personnel only.

  2. 2. Under fume hood chemical safety cabinets eliminate static electricity ignition sources

    Under fume hood laboratory cabinets should be electrically bonded to the chemical fume hood. Static electricity may cause fires and explosions. Electrical bonding creates an electrical path between the fume hood and the safety cabinet. This prevents static electricity.

  3. 3. Under fume hood chemical safety cabinets provide safe storage

    Keeping bottles of chemicals in a fume hood is a safety risk. The vapors from unsealed bottles may react with other chemicals in the fume hood and create a risk of explosion. In addition, too many chemical bottles in a fume hood interferes with the airflow. Under fume hood laboratory cabinets provide safe storage space for unused chemicals.

  4. 4. Under fume hood chemical safety cabinets improve ergonomics

    Good laboratory ergonomics helps prevent unintended spillage and dropping of lab equipment. When a lab worker is stretching to reach their equipment in a chemical fume hood, there is a high risk of accident and injury. All Justrite® under fume hood safety cabinets feature a 3-inch toe-kick. This allows lab workers to stand right in front of the chemical fume hood.

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