Aerosol Can Disposal in Auto Service Shops

The American automotive market is growing. According to the Cox Automotive 2018 Used Car Market Report and Outlook, more than 56 million new and used vehicles sold in 2017 – nearly 39.3 million used cars and 16.7 new cars. While some are likely replacing older cars, those sales numbers indicate many more cars on the road, along with many potential new customers for mechanics, garages and auto-body shops.

Along with the growth in vehicle sales, comes growth in the use of consumables. And with consumables comes an increase in waste generation. Suppliers provide many vehicle maintenance consumables in aerosol cans. But, used cans are hazardous waste. Aerosol can disposal costs are an unwelcome expense for many auto service shops.

How Auto Shops Use Aerosol Cans

A car visits an auto shop for a routine service and maintenance check. Brake and throttle body cleaners come in aerosol cans. Penetrating oil lubricants are another high use item for many individual tasks during a car repair or service. Some vehicles are better cared for than others, but most need some form of engine and general-purpose degreaser.

Mechanics also use aerosol cans of rubber coating to repair cracks, fill holes and seal leaks. General purpose cleaners, polishes, waxes and many other aerosol products are used for cleaning and detailing cars.

Spent aerosol cans are considered hazardous waste while still under pressure, so it is against Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations to throw them in with regular trash. For many auto shops, this means hazardous waste costs are also mounting – and eating into the bottom line.

Fortunately, there is an economical – and environmentally-friendly – solution for aerosol can disposal. The Aerosolv® Aerosol Recycling System turns spent aerosol cans into RCRA empty cans, which can be disposed of as universal waste.

Proper Disposal of Aerosol Cans for Auto Shops

Aerosolv systems are easy-to-use and mount directly onto 30- or 55-gallon drums with a standard 2-in. bung. Many garages already have hazardous waste drums dedicated for spent aerosol cans. The system will take up no additional space in crowded auto shops.

To use, insert cans into the housing sleeve, lower the top plate and push the handle down. The unit punctures the can, allowing residual product and propellant to release into the drum. The two-piece coalescing filter and carbon cartridge captures odors and potentially harmful VOCs.

Aerosol cans processed through the Aerosolv system are considered RCRA empty and no longer classified as hazardous waste.

How Proper Aerosol Can Disposal Saves Auto Shops Money

Aerosol can disposal costs can reach $625 for 125 aerosol cans – the approximate number of aerosols cans held by a 55-gallon drum. By comparison, the Aerosolv system processes the residual liquid of up to 4,000 used aerosol cans into one 55-gallon drum. Disposal of the drum’s contents ranges between $275 and $360.

When compared to how much disposal would be for 4,000 spent cans, the cost savings from using Aerosolv is as much as $20,000 – a significant impact to the bottom line.

Order Your Aerosolv Recycling System Today

Give yourself a competitive advantage by ordering an Aerosolv Recycling System today. This environmentally-friendly solution not only helps auto service shops reduce hazardous waste volume, but also save money through the proper disposal of aerosol cans. Order your system today.